• pic: olivermaier.com, rider: Henrik Jamaer

  • pic: Lancelin Ocean Classic/John Carter, rider: Patrik Diethelm, sail: Ultimate

  • pic: Borja Suarez rider: Pablo Ramirez sail:curve

  • pic: Steffi Wahl rider: Frithjof Blaasch sail: Quad

  • pic: Oliver Maier rider: Pablo Ramirez sail: Bionic

  • pic: Ingo Peitz rider: Peter Müller sail: Traction

  • pic: Ingo Peitz, rider: Peter Müller, sail: Mission

  • pic: Adi Beholz, rider: Adi Beholz, sail: Quad

  • pic: Ingo Peitz, rider: Peter Müller, sail: Mission

  • pic: Lüderitz Speed Challenge, rider: Karin Jaggi, sail: Ultimate

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2018 Sailloft Air - How to rigg

During the last visit of Adam we worked on a video containing setup and rigging tipps for the new Air 2018. Check it out!

AIR - the future of freestyle

Finally we made it – a pure freestyle sail

Quad 2017 - Video

We proudly present a new video about our freestyle/wave sail Quad
Mattia Fabrizi joins Sailloft

Mattia Fabrizi joins Sailloft

We are happy to announce that Mattia Fabrizi (ITA 991) is going to be part of our team.

Lancelin Ocean Race 2017

Karin and Patrik on the podium at the Lancelin Ocean Classic.

Sail Development - Ultimate

Sail development never stops. After a prototype has turned into a series model the continuos improvement process starts.

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