Peru – Pacasmayo

Sitting on the 3rd flight in just 2 two days heading to Lisbon, gave me a lot of time to reflect the time I spent in Perú. Once you spent a whole flight from Panamá to Caracas thinking about your ridden waves, the waves you‘ve seen ridden by so many talented persons and of course having all those nice persons in your mind that you met on and off the water, than you can definitely tell: it was a great trip!

Let me wrap this up. It started on Maui, when Carolina told me about the AWT Event in Perú, the perfect conditions I could expect in August. August, that´s exactly my vacation time I just thought. Next up in the evening I’ve already started looking for flights and found a good one. Booked it and from than on just waited for time to pass.

Next I can remember it was mid July and I was about to leave 2 weeks later. Checking the first time the forecast. Little bit shocked…. In my eyes zero wind, but at least solid swell arriving. So packed my 4,6 Quad, my 82 l board plus a surfboard. More seemed to be unreasonable. I should be right!

When I arrived in Lima I went straight to the bus station to get on the bus to Pacasmayo. Exited to pass these famous breaks like Chicama, even if it was nighttime. Waking up with perfect waves peeling down the point and as expected light (more or less non existing) wind. BUT totally fine! Awesome day to start off, followed by some wave only days. A few days later the wind finally kicked in, just when the swell peaked.

The AWT started in brainwashing mast high “down-the-line” conditions the pro competition. Even if it was stunning to watch these guys perform, a few of us sneaked out to the point having the bombs off our lives by ourselves. Ended the day with “just another” 10 to 15+ turn wave (with time to take breath in between) I was totally exhausted, but sooo happy. Just like everybody else who came off the water that day. Everybody had the longest wave of his/her live! Smiling faces were allover the beach.

Next day saw the amateur comp start. I dropped, totally exhausted from the day before, out in the first round. But so I got to sit and watch some really nice ridden waves. Pretty stoked to see all those people out there.

The following days just kept delivering solid waves (logo to mast high) with wind, so that we all surfed our butts off! The competition got finished and everybody was happy to have been there in this awesome pumping week and being part off this really nice and familiar AWT event. This of course had to be celebrated and the details we better keep for us.

After most of the guys left, the ones who stayed had some nice smaller days with just up to 5 guys out there. So much fun! But sadly it got smaller and smaller every day.

So I started to get somewhere else. After the bus to Lobitos left me waiting on the pavement 3 times, I made up my mind and headed in to the astonishing mountains around the town of Huaraz. Being in the middle of all these 6000+ meters mountains was breathtaking. Sleeping on more than 3500m was breathtaking too! So I’ve seen enough and after 3 days (you can easily stay a few weeks up there) I had to go back. Got scared to miss out on waves and wind.

Back in “Pacas” it was still windless, but some waves left for surfing. Finally I got my last day of windsurfing in good logo high conditions with wind for 4,6 (as always ;-)). After all these days before, I felt really comfortable in the waves and just had my best day as the final one!

All together it couldn’t have been any better. Muchas Gracias a todos y a Pacasmayo con sus olas perfectas!

Thanks a lot AWT, it was fun having you guys around and having so many nice conversations.

I guess everybody will return to this magic place. See you all there in the next years!!!

Text: Nino Kappler, Images: Si Crowther, Nino Kappler

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