PWA-Pozo review

Some words of Steffi Wahl about the Gran Canaria Wind & Wave festival 2015.

This year Pozo delivered super nice waves and wind!
I think I can say that all Saillloft team-members, no matter if boys or girls, were using the 3.3 Quad to the fullest. The northeast passat was on fire and there was no thinking about which sail to use. I love the 3.3 Quad in all kind of conditions, you can really trim it to your needs and to survive in those conditions. I must say that the conditions didn´t look that windy on the live stream, but they where!
As always competition is about your opponent and if you have to start against one of the best guy or girl in the world, you just have to keep your head upright and sail the best you have. Just enjoy the empty conditions of Pozo, it never gets that empty again. Be happy that you have the chance to show what you got, even if it is not enough to match the other. Be satisfied with your sailing and have fun! That is what´s windsurfing is all about. There will be a time where everything comes together and then you make it through.
We did the whole double elimination in 2 days and I´m glad that they pushed so hard to make this happen, because the rest of the week was windy, but the waves got really flat.
Check out the pictures from PWA / John Carter 🙂

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