Mattia Fabrizi joins Sailloft

We are happy to announce that Mattia Fabrizi (ITA 991) is going to be part of our team.

At the moment Mattia trains a lot in South Africa for the upcoming season. The 26-year-old freestyler from Italy took 7th place at the PWA Sylt in 2016 & 12th place in the PWA Freestyle overall ranking 2016.
Mattia: „I know Sailloft for a few years because some of my friends on the tour are using the sails. I’m really happy to be part of the team and to help the devolopment of the new sails. For the next year I plan to do the PWA tour but unfortunately there will only be 2 events. Then I have to see if I can do the EFPT tour because the top 12 of PWA can do only one EFPT event. Of course my goal is to always do better but every year it gets harder and harder. I will do my best!“

Welcome to our TEAM !

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