Lancelin Ocean Race 2017

Karin and Patrik on the podium at the Lancelin Ocean Classic.

New Video of Adi Beholz

A windsurf trip through Namibia and Botswana.

Adam Sims - Namibia

New Video of Adam Sims travelling to Namibia.

PWA Women Youth Wave World Champion!

We are happy to announce that Lina Erpenstein is PWA Women´s Youth Wave World Champion!

Patrik Diethelm joins Sailloft

Patrik Diethelm – joins Sailloft now. In the future he will be head of R&D for sailloft´s slalom and speed sails.

New female record for Karin Jaggi

New Female World Record for Karin Jaggi!!! 46.31 kts ! CONGRATULATIONS Karin Jaggi!!!!

Adam Sims - UK freestyle champion

Adam Sims is UK freestyle champion. Congratulations!!

Mats Moyson - IFCA Junior Freestyle World Championship

Mats Moyson became 2nd at the IFCA Junior Freestyle World Championship and won the IFCA Junior Freestyle Championship!

PWA-Pozo review

This year Pozo delivered super nice waves and wind! I think I can say that all Saillloft team-members,