• pic: Lancelin Ocean Classic / John Carter rider: Patrik Diethelm sail: Ultimate

  • pic: Oliver Maier rider: Pablo Ramirez sail: Bionic

  • pic: Valentin Böckler rider: Mattia Fabrizi sail: Curve

  • pic: Ingo Peitz rider: Peter Müller sail: Traction

  • pic: Marc von Swoll, rider: Tonky Frans, sail: Quad

  • pic: Ingo Peitz, rider: Peter Müller, sail: Mission

  • pic: Adi Beholz, rider: Adi Beholz, sail: Quad

  • pic: Lüderitz Speed Challenge, rider: Karin Jaggi, sail: Ultimate

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Quad 2017 - Video

We proudly present a new video about our freestyle/wave sail Quad

Mattia Fabrizi joins Sailloft

We are happy to announce that Mattia Fabrizi (ITA 991) is going to be part of our team.
Patrik at Lancelin Ocean Classic // Photo: John Carter

Lancelin Ocean Race 2017

Karin and Patrik on the podium at the Lancelin Ocean Classic.

Sail Development - Ultimate

Sail development never stops. After a prototype has turned into a series model the continuos improvement process starts.

New Video of Adi Beholz

A windsurf trip through Namibia and Botswana.

Alexandre Cousin (FRA-752) joins SAILLOFT!

Alexandre Cousin (FRA-752) joins SAILLOFT!

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