Slalom sail development never stops. After a prototype has turned into a series model the continuous improvement process starts again.  While the present ultimate is in use, the upcoming model for the next season is in development. It is a never ending circle. 

2014 we decided to develop a pure slalom sail the „ultimate“. To develop a slalom sail for the common market would be an easy goal. Instead we decided to go for a PWA ready sail. It is quite a challenge to achieve this in one year, as the other products need to be improved in parallel as well. So we just finished the 2015 Ultimate 1 day prior to the PWA registration dead line. But it was already good enough to convince Karin Jaggi to switch to our brand.

Together with her and other slalom riders we improved it to become the 2016 model. Karins Woman Speed World Record shows: this is again a step ahead. The 2016 Ultimate is working really well such that we could convince Patrik Diethelm to join our brand. With 52,33 knts he was setting an impressive benchmark for a new sail on the Namibia Speed Challenge 2015.

But Patrik is not only a team rider. With his experience and technical expertise it was clear to make him the head of development for our speed and slalom sails. He tests the prototypes and delivers precise feedback on any modification we make. He visits us several times per year and this means usually rigging tons of sails, testing battens, discuss new materials and other improvements and never ending ideas. Together with him we reached our goal and are sure to improve this sail even further to become the perfect slalom weapon.

Watch out the 2016 PWA slalom races.

Olaf & Gerrit

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