2018 Sailloft Air - How to rigg

During the last visit of Adam we worked on a video containing setup and rigging tipps for the new Air 2018. Check it out!

AIR - the future of freestyle

Finally we made it – a pure freestyle sail

Quad 2017 - Video

We proudly present a new video about our freestyle/wave sail Quad

New Video of Adi Beholz

A windsurf trip through Namibia and Botswana.

Adam Sims - Namibia

New Video of Adam Sims travelling to Namibia.

New female record for Karin Jaggi

New Female World Record for Karin Jaggi!!! 46.31 kts ! CONGRATULATIONS Karin Jaggi!!!!

Winter 2015

Pablo together with the Curve in his new video about the winter on the Canary Islands.

Max Dröge in Capetown

Max Dröge spent the winter months in Capetown.

Adam Sims - Winch session 1.0

Winch session 1.0