PWA Women Youth Wave World Champion!

We are happy to announce that Lina Erpenstein is PWA Women´s Youth Wave World Champion!

Patrik Diethelm joins Sailloft

Patrik Diethelm – joins Sailloft now. In the future he will be head of R&D for sailloft´s slalom and speed sails.

New female record for Karin Jaggi

New Female World Record for Karin Jaggi!!! 46.31 kts ! CONGRATULATIONS Karin Jaggi!!!!

Adam Sims - UK freestyle champion

Adam Sims is UK freestyle champion. Congratulations!!

Mats Moyson - IFCA Junior Freestyle World Championship

Mats Moyson became 2nd at the IFCA Junior Freestyle World Championship and won the IFCA Junior Freestyle Championship!

PWA-Pozo review

This year Pozo delivered super nice waves and wind! I think I can say that all Saillloft team-members,
Karin Jaggi // Photo: John Carter

Welcome Karin Jaggi

In 2015 we welcome Karin Jaggi in our sail and development…

Winter 2015

Pablo together with the Curve in his new video about the winter on the Canary Islands.

Max Dröge in Capetown

Max Dröge spent the winter months in Capetown.